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Need to call me? (617) 905-6038.   My e-mail address is my first name @ this domain.

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start unrevealbouncetransferwidgetizefullsize sidebar wipe 'bounce, then transfer' 'whoosh!' >> Quick Intro 9/25/13 0.5K This is a root folder of a bunch of stuff. Eventually it will make sense. It's linked to your stuff.
  • if you are on a mobile device you might just get thrown into the menunav.
  • if you're on a desktop machine you might first wind up with a desktop metaphor.
  • if you're sitting at your tv then you might wind up with some kind of couchpotato metaphor.
  • if you think this reminds you of gopher then you are getting warmer
hack-notespace location procrastination :( todo list (toforget list) what is the local hostname that will not throw any x-origin warnings ever. then proxy through that. study sizzle docs move to more relative file names aka local vs remote change meta root to menu, kitt temporarily link task list to trello feed or somesuch send url as parameter to "time-machine" to strip it if item (404) has class or some designation as being "applet" ... then open applet, not _blank (perhaps target="_widget" which would gracefully fall back to _blank) sync positioning to somehing like couch ... or just dump json somewhere on server clean all inline junk out of this file user switcher root feed (of this tree) unreveal home github keys auth some apps whee
RED, Plaid
solar battery bank
28.146125 , -82.756768
localhost UUIDs simple editor ~TOG hack editor UNILITE CONTROLLER ~TOG (RYG) time machine
for you to party like it's 1992
radio presets 28.195795,-82.515993 620 AM 89.7 FM 96.7 FM 42.358431,-71.059773 000 AM 00.0 FM random folder twitter (new card, then _blank) demos files dotfiles? bookmarks Baseball Hack Day 2013 gnat-geo link mindhead link fishtank thing SABR flickr link github links some private thing ~release tasks ~release inbox ~release archive dropbox files (link to other list (slide)) » overlay (metajunk) event to exit initial gopher looking thing .config 404
>> Map Where are you now? whee (Plaid, PapayaWhip, FederalYellow) Contact You can email at my first name at this domain name. Or give me a ring at (617) 905-6038. username figital test you tools (local) libreoffice gedit dolphin firefox/chromium/etc thunderbird gimp
August 21, 2014 09:56 PM
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